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VitalTech provides full-stack solutions across the care continuum that seamlessly integrates virtual care coordination into existing workflows, providing data with real-time actionable insights, improving patient care and safety

vi·tal: absolutely necessary or important; essential.

care: the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

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Patients and users are able to upload and review their vital measurements and activity, track nutrition and medication, message caregivers and family, answer surveys and much more with the VitalCare.

VitalCare Admin

Caregivers have the ability to monitor patients in real-time with VitalCare Admin. Be alerted instantly when a patient crosses a pre-defined threshold or is not compliant with their care plan.

VitalCare Family

Keep families in the know with VitalCare Family. Close the loop on patient care by allowing patients to choose to share their data, join on telehealth appointments, and receive real-time alerts.

Empowering Patients and Clinicians Globally

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VitalCare Is The Leading Virtual Care Solution

Our agile technology is created with caregivers, patients, and families in mind.  We strive to provide solutions that improve patient outcomes, enhance patient safety, increase health equity, and reduce risk while increasing revenue.

The success of our clients is at the core of what we do, driving our continual efforts to build customizable solutions with flexibility and scalability to fit the needs of each client and their patients, beginning with scalable architecture designed from the ground up to support AI and machine learning.

We start each journey with our clients by breaking down their needs to get a deep understanding of their goals in order to provide the best possible set of solutions that fit within existing workflows, lowering caregiver burdens and providing them with tools to concentrate on patient care as opposed to administrative work and data mining. 

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Our main goal is to keep patients out of the Emergency Room and out of the hospital. When they use Remote Patient Monitoring there’s a huge reduction in re-hospitalizations. Nationally, we have a 16% readmission rate for patients who are under remote patient monitoring programs, and I’ll shock you by saying that for us, we’re around 1% right now. That’s a 94% reduction in readmissions.
David Teachey, RN/BSN
Director of Clinical Operations, South Carolina House Calls

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Robust & Scalable, Full-Stack Solutions Across the Care Continuum

VitalCare is a full-stack virtual care solution that seamlessly integrates virtual care coordination into existing workflows. Our technology provides data with real-time actionable insights, improving patient care and safety.

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