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Virtual Care is VitalCare

Enabling and Leading the Transformation of Home Care

VitalCare Supports The Delivery of High Quality Care
Within The Comfort of home

Manage Patients' Health

Detect Events Early

Prevent Deterioration

Improve Quality of LIfe

Our virtual care platform goes beyond telehealth to provide the tools necessary to remotely monitor and care for patients.

VitalCare Benefits for Home Health and Home Care Agencies

VitalCare provides a smoother and safer transition for patients and providers.


Our solutions allow for increased user engagement, reduced readmissions and increased access to care for patients, while lowering cost to deliver and improve patient outcomes.

Improve patient care with vital sign, medication, and nutrition monitoring

Monitor patients’ health between visits

Real-time data to provide improved, proactive care

Reduce the need for on-site nurse visits beyond those required by case mix group

Make data-driven decisions about care plan, service and living environment changes

Family members stay informed and involved through VitalCare Family

Improve engagement with ease of connecting patients to family and providers

Help Patients Stay Engaged

Promoting and improving health & wellness through content relevant to patients or communities

The VitalCare platform allows patients to engage with healthcare providers from the privacy of their own home, room or apartment.

Simple. Intuitive. Easy to Use.

VitalCare Health Management

The Leading Solution for Patients Managing Chronic Diseases

Facility or Patient Census-Wide Views

Tiered levels of protected access offer detailed views to triggers, alerts, user profiles, and device management.

Clinicians benefit from access to cellular transmitted, real-time, reliable and secure patient data on VitalCare Admin, which can lead to better patient outcomes and qualify for reimbursement.

Learn How VitalCare can support your home care or home health programs.

VitalCare Can Support Your Home Care Or Home Health Programs

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