VitalCare Family

Families can stay connected to their loved ones anywhere, anytime.

Roadmap to Succes

Health Management

Easily view your loved ones health data from any smart device. Real-time and historical vitals, nutritional inputs and medication adherence are recorded and streamed to VitalCare Family.


Increase Patient Engagement

Audio and Video Calls

Native video and audio calling.


Families have the ability to call their loved ones and chat through VitalCare’s native video or audio to check in with each other, deliver gentle reminders of doctor appointments, and encourage them to take vital signs readings.

Family members can join multi-user calls when patients have remote visits, allowing a loved one hear directly from the patients care team.


Medication Tracking

Support compliance with gentle reminders from loved ones.

With VitalCare Family, loved ones are able to track whether the patient has taken their medication, if they’ve skipped their medication, and/or read notes input by the patient.

With the support of their loved ones, patients are engaged in their care plans by marking their medications as taken, skipped, or missed, helping adherence, and improving the quality of care.

Families can gently remind patients to take their medication if they forget.

Nutrition Tracking

Families are able to gain insights on their loved ones health and help them stay on track

Easily track patients’ nutrition to promote subtle changes in behavior or avoid potential medication complications.

Learn how VitalCare Family can help your patients & their families improve compliance and improve clinical outcomes.

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