Keeping Providers & Patients Connected

VitalCare for patients or members integrates real-time vital signs, medication compliance, activity, nutrition monitoring, and simple communication tools to interact with provider teams remotely.

Through connected care and increased engagement, patients stay focused on their care plans and achieve better health outcomes.

Integrated Vital Signs

Patients Can Capture Vital Signs Seamlessly from the Comfort of Their Own Home

Real-time vitals are collected through integrated BLE and LTE medical devices. By creating daily and historical awareness of physiological data, patients better self-monitor and are able to take action quickly promoting self-care.

With VitalCare Patients Can Measure:

  •    Heart Rate
  •    Respiratory Rate
  •    Blood  Pressure
  •    Glucose
  •    Temperature
  •    Weight
  •    SpO2
  •    And more!
Simple. Intuitive. Easy to Use

Nutrition Diary

Patients are able to gain insights on their health and stay on track

Nutritional data is logged through voice inputs or simple barcode scanning. This data can be shared to stay on track with health goals.

Easily input nutrition and exercise goals to promote subtle changes in behavior.

The most effective nutritional interventions include weight loss, reduced sodium intake, increased potassium intake, moderation of alcohol intake.

Medication Reminders

Compliance through pushed reminders. 

With VitalCare you set medication reminders by time of day.

Patients and clinicians can add and track medications, helping avoid adverse reactions due to prescription conflicts.

Patients are engaged in their care plans by marking their medications as taken, skipped, or missed, helping adherence and improving the quality of care.

Increase Patient Engagement

Video Calls and Messaging

Multi-user video calls for remote visits & virtual check-in eliminates unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms or physicians office.

Patients communicate with their care teams through our HIPAA secure portal.

Notes on care reviews and progress by the physicians can be pushed to the patients for review.

"I thank the Lord for a machine like this. It can save a lot of lives."
VitalCare Patient

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