VitalCare Admin

Provide Patient-Focused Care, Monitor Vital Signs, Send Medication Reminders, And Conduct Asynchronous Visits From VitalCare Admin.

Roadmap To Success

Health Management

Easily view your patients integrated health data from any smart device. Real-time and historical vitals, nutritional inputs and medication adherence are recorded to the patient record and viewed based on patient populations.  


Facility Wide Views

Tiered levels of protected access offer detailed views to triggers, alerts, user profiles, and device management.

Patient Record:

           Comprehensive patient profile and record to manage health, nutrition, wellness and demographics information

           Maintain contacts, family members and caregiver assignments

           Longitudinal data visualization in daily, 30-day and custom date range graphs

           Pin important notes to patient header

           EHR synchronization

           Medication list management

           And more!

Increase Patient Engagement

Video Calls and Messaging

Native video and audio calling.

Multi-user calls for remote visits & virtual check-in eliminates unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms or physicians office while allowing a loved one or other clinician to join the call.


Care teams communicate with their patients through our HIPAA secure portal.


No PHI is transmitted for any service.

Notes on care reviews and progress by the physicians can be pushed to the patients for review.


Messaging through the app allows the physician to prescribe care while reviewing the patient data in real time.

           Messaging – between caregiver to                       patient and caregiver to caregiver                       with secure file exchange

           Patient initiated outreach to                                   caregiver via e-Visit request

           Dedicated incoming call queue to                       manage e-Visit requests

Timers & Scheduling

Timers automatically log time spent by practitioners reviewing physiological data of their patients. This time is aggregated and billing reports are generated for remote patient monitoring.

Alerts & Triggers

Care teams are able to set pre-configured alerts for patients suffering from chronic conditions. When an anomaly is detected physicians and care teams are notified and can reach out to their patients via VitalCare Provider allowing all communications to be documents and archived.

One size does not fit all when it comes to patient care.

  Send custom surveys or questionnaires directly to the             patient via VitalCare

Rise to the top

Actionable Data

Unprecedented insights into day to day living of your patients generates actionable tasks, alerts, and data to proactively provide care for your patients.

Connected care is empowered care.



VitalCare Admin keeps you connected.

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