VitalTech: The Most Trusted Partner in Virtual Care.

Reduce Costs and Readmissions While Improving Care Coordination, Outcomes and Efficiencies

Enabling and Leading the Transformation of Virtual Care

VitalCare Supports The Delivery of High Quality Care
Within The Comfort of home

Manage Patients' Health

Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

Improve Quality of Life

Support Individual Needs of Each Patient

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Our comprehensive enterprise solution goes beyond telehealth and remote patient monitoring to provide the tools necessary to remotely monitor and care for patients.

VitalCare Includes

VitalTech’s cloud-based platforms connect caregivers, patients, and their families to improve patient health and compliance. 

Vital Signs

Real-time vital signs through easy-to-use medical devices

Reminders & Task Lists

Assist patients by organizing their upcoming tasks

Nutritional Inputs

Keep patients on track with health goals

Patient Engagement

Empower patients to actively participate in their care plans

Medication Reminders

Avoid adverse events due to prescription conflicts

Communication Tools

Simple to use communication tools to remotely interact with care teams or loved ones

VitalCare Benefits

Achieve Better Clinical & Financial Outcomes

VitalCare provides a smoother and safer transition for patients and providers.


Our easy-to use solutions allow for increased user engagement, reduced readmissions, and increased access to care for patients, while lowering cost to deliver and improve patient outcomes.

Improve patient care with real-time vital signs, medication reminders, activity monitoring, and nutrition monitoring

Detect deterioration early and intervene before an event occurs

In cases where a hospital admission is unavoidable, reduce the length of stay for those patients by intervening earlier

Monitor patients’ health between visits

Real-time actionable insights to provide improved, proactive care

Highly secure connectivity, speed, coverage and prioritization

Make data-driven decisions about care plan, service and living environment changes

Family members stay informed and involved through VitalCare Family

Improve engagement with ease of connecting patients to family and providers

Create custom alert thresholds for each patient and send disease specific education materials

Post Acute | Chronic Condition Management | Disease-Specific Care Pathways | Population Health | Patient Support Programs

Help Patients Manage Their Conditions and Stay Engaged

Promoting and improving health & wellness through content relevant to patients or communities

Non-compliance is one of the largest risk factors for readmission1; meanwhile, patient engagement is one of the leading indicators of positive health outcomes. When patients are given the opportunity to take control of their disease state by self-monitoring their vitals, track their medications, nutrition intake and communicate with their physician from anywhere, they have a much higher level of care plan compliance. 


VitalCare allows patients to engage with care teams from the privacy of their own home, wherever that may be, while allowing care teams to promote and improve the health and wellness of their patients through patient education materials relevant to each individual patient or community.

“Patients love to have their provider’s time, they feel like they are being heard… Love the interaction” – Physician Implementing RPM2

Key Advantages

VitalCare Health Management

The Highest Quality, Individualized Care Solution to Monitor Patients Where They Are Most Comfortable – Their Home or Community

VitalCare Provider Portal

Tiered levels of protected access offer detailed views to triggers, alerts, user profiles, and device management.

Clinicians benefit from access to cellular transmitted, real-time, reliable, and secure patient data on VitalCare’s provider portal, which can lead to better patient outcomes and cost avoidance.

VitalTech Client Results

Every Patient Deserves VitalCare

$2,412,000 in cost avoidance with reduction in hospitalizations in 6 months!!

Virtual Care Program

74% Hospitalizations Reduction

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Virtual Care Program

85% Length of Stay Reduction

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Virtual Care Program

63% ED Visits Reduction

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