The healthcare system is rapidly changing as many virtual care programs are being implemented. Remote patient monitoring and chronic care management services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Although these services are similar, they offer different benefits to patients and providers.


Healthcare providers often wonder what the similarities and differences are between RPM and CCM. In this blog, we will discuss the key similarities and differences between the two services and help you decide which one is right for your practice!


Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, is a service that allows providers to monitor and manage patients’ health remotely with the use of specifically designed devices. RPM covers services such as real-time data collection and analysis, as well as personalized feedback. RPM allows clinicians to continuously monitor their patients’ and make timely interventions to avoid adverse events.


Chronic Care Management


Chronic care management, or CCM, is a service that provides ongoing treatment to patients suffering from two or more chronic illnesses. CCM covers services such as creating and managing a comprehensive care plan. This includes regular communication between patient and provider, prescribing medications, and care coordination services.


How are RPM and CCM similar?


Chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) benefits patients with chronic conditions. They have similar end goals which are to improve patient health through connected care. They each provide quality care that enable caregivers to pay close attention to patients, increase patient engagement, and build a strong patient provider relationship. VitalTech’s RPM and CCM solutions are suitable for providers who treat Medicare patients.  


So, what’s the difference?


Remote patient monitoring and chronic care management are two very similar virtual care services that benefit patients with chronic conditions. Unlike RPM, CCM does not involve the need to monitor vital signs on a continuous basis. Furthermore, CCM may not require much technology and/or devices.


One of the major benefits of RPM and CCM to healthcare systems is the reimbursements that are offered. It is important for healthcare providers to know that RPM and CCM billing codes are not the same. While the CPT codes are different for each, providers can bill both RPM CPT code 99457 and CCM CPT code 99490 if at least 40 minutes of service is delivered, 20 minutes of RPM and 20 minutes of CCM.


VitalCare Provides RPM and CCM Services


When looking for a virtual care partner, look to VitalTech! VitalTech’s VitalCare program is flexible to provider and patient needs. Whether you need to provide quality care through an RPM or CCM program, VitalCare has you covered.


VitalCare’s RPM and CCM services offer many benefits such as increased revenues for providers, reduced administrative burdens, high patient engagement, and lower costs for patients. Are you interested in a RPM or CCM program? Contact us to learn more.

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