Celebrating National Nurses Day

Nurses are on the frontlines of healthcare every day seeing to the needs of their patients. They tirelessly work through the muck and mire and in a year that has been bursting at the seams with excessive muck and mire, every nurse to walk this earth deserves resounding gratitude, applause, appreciation, and kindness.

We have likely all been personally cared for or had loved ones cared for by nurses. There is a nurse for every need. They practice in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health. They are repeatedly ranked the most trusted profession and for good reason. Nurses know many details about their patients and have seen them in their most vulnerable states. They care for their patients’ physical and emotional needs to help them mend or simply see them through. Taking time to show these guardians of healthcare some gratitude is the least we can do in return.

Ways to Show Gratitude

  • Saying “thank you” goes a long way. Say it, send it, or share it!
  • Send coffee. Nurses work long hours and can always use the boost.
  • Feed them. The way to anyone’s heart is their stomach. Food and treats are always appreciated.
  • Share your gratitude. If you’ve crossed paths with a great nurse, let their manager know how much you’ve appreciated them.

Fast Facts [1]

  • The first recorded mention of nurses goes back to 300 AD
  • Florence Nightingale founded modern nursing in the 19th century
  • Nurses walk 4-5 miles every shift
  • 59% of nurses practice in hospitals
  • There are 19 million nurses in the world
  • The number of registered nurses is expected to increase by 3.24 million by 2022
  • Nursing students are 50% of the total number of healthcare students

[1] National Today. National Nurses Day.https://nationaltoday.com/national-nurses-day/

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