American Hospital Association Promotes VitalTech

This week, the American Hospital Association’s Center for Health Innovation (AHACHI) launched its inaugural newsletter, “Confronting Coronavirus”. VitalTech was featured along with our offer of FREE Virtual Care.


In the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis, the AHACHI is using this new tool to deliver news on hospitals’ and health systems’ efforts to stem the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as ways in which the business community is stepping up to help providers respond.


We are proud to be featured in the ranks of AHACHI’s partners, and, proud of the work being done at VitalTech. It’s helping enable the courageous frontliners in our hospitals and physician offices to safely care for their patients.

“The chaos of the world requires triage of a high-risk ability to respond broadly,” says VitalTech chief executive officer James Hamilton. “When the crisis passes, we will go back to a world that’s forever changed. Our Virtual Care solution won’t end when COVID subsides. In fact, it will continue to grow and deploy in a greater capacity than ever before.”

We look forward to partnering with hospitals, physician groups, and senior living facilities as technology continues to transform the face of healthcare.


Read the full issue here. 

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