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VitalTech Announces Provider Workflow Automation Tool

“We are improving the quality and efficiency of patient care.”

VitalTech, a rapidly growing market leader in virtual care solutions for healthcare enterprises  has announced the release of VitalTech Care+, their workflow automation tool that creates proven efficiencies in the delivery of virtual patient care, enhances patient safety, increases accessibility, reduces costs, and optimizes reimbursements. The advancements in automation will allow clients to set customized workflows for each patient group, facilitating better care with greater efficiency.


The company’s flagship product, VitalCare, is an industry-leading, fully-integrated virtual care platform, enabling providers to automate workflows directly to their patient’s electronic health records (EHR) while improving health-related outcomes, patient safety, and health equity, as well as reducing the cost of care.


Last month, VitalTech released VitalTech Insights, their Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics tool for enterprise solutions.  The release of Care+ further showcases the company’s commitment to delivering automated, streamlined virtual care  solutions for both providers and patients. 


Care teams manage access to their workflow automations via VitalCare’s HIPAA-compliant provider portal. VitalTech clients can adapt one of the many templates  for specific conditions such as CHF, COPD, Diabetes, and Hypertension. By improving efficiency, reducing manual errors, and enabling healthcare providers to spend more time with patients, VitalTech’s Care+ enhances the overall quality of patient care in a virtual care environment.


“We are pleased to offer our clients this workflow automation tool that will help ensure patients receive the right care at the right time, reducing the risk of medical errors and adverse events,” said Steven Scott, CEO of VitalTech. “With VitalTech’s advanced analytics and automation tools, our clients can automate their workflows, improve communication and coordination and provide real-time alerts and notifications to healthcare providers, such as alerting them to indicators of a potential adverse event, and enabling proactive interventions to improve care.”


By automating repetitive administrative tasks,  healthcare providers improve efficiency and decrease staff burnout, allowing for  more time with patients, thus enhancing the quality of care. In addition to the numerous advantages for providers, patients also benefit from  real-time access to their health data and key actionable reminders for their care plan, enabling them to be more involved and informed in their care.


“VitalTech Care+ is the latest example of our dedication to improving patient care in the virtual care environment . We are excited to offer care teams across the country a tool that improves the coordination of care for patients,” says VitalTech Chief Sales Officer, Ernie Ianace. “Our automation tools enable healthcare providers to have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips while improving the use of resources and overall productivity.”


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VitalTech develops solutions that empower patients to better care for their health and wellness while enabling care teams to monitor, manage and engage remotely. Our proprietary platform enables health systems, managed care organizations, home health agencies, physicians, care navigators and senior living facilities to automate workflows while improving health outcomes, increasing patient safety, and lowering the cost of care. Our suite of easy-to-use solutions increases patient engagement and compliance. For more information or a free consultation, please visit or contact


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