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5 Expectations of Virtual Care in 2023 

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Over the last year virtual care has seen many advancements. With numbers rising from 5% before the pandemic to 25% this past year, telehealth usage is continuing to make its widespread adoption.  


The American Medical Association has released their top five predictions for telehealth in 2023. So, let’s talk about them.  


#1 “Telehealth will continue to evolve into something that’s easier to use.” 

The number of services offered through the use of telehealth is wide. From services like mental health to chronic care management, there is no age restriction for telehealth usage. Increased effort, money and resources will continue to pour into this healthcare system and technology will make advancements so that more patients of all ages and needs will be able to use telehealth on a regular basis.   


The VitalCare platform is an easy-to-use technology for those of all ages. We will continue to work on making any changes necessary to create a platform that is best for your patients.  


#2 “The field will see steps toward aggregated, all-in-one technology” 

Virtual care services are made to be seamless for patients and providers. VitalTech strives to create a service that will mesh into providers workdays. Joint ventures between technology and health care professionals are likely to be seen this year that will create even more seamless technology solutions.  


#3 “Chronic disease management will see strides” 

Managing chronic disease goes far beyond medication. Remote patient monitoring and chronic care management have shown the need for digital health tools. Continuously tracking a patient’s vitals and maintaining patient engagement is crucial. An increase in wearable technology and sensors, along with ways to communicate remotely and symptom management tools are expected to be seen this year. 


#4 “Government funding and regulation for telehealth will continue to be a hot topic” 

Telehealth can only grow if physicians are being paid properly, which will continue to be a regulatory fight in 2023. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have revised its “proposed rule” and are expected to extend and expand reimbursement for telehealth and RPM services.  


#5 “More capital will flow to innovators in the digital health care arena” 

Lastly, AMA expects more capital to go to innovators in virtual care and digital health solutions. Advancements in telehealth will require funding and capital. Investors will track growing trends and deploy capital in the necessary areas of healthcare. 


VitalTech is excited to see what 2023 brings to virtual care! Let us help you implement a virtual care solution this year that you and your patients benefit from! Contact us to learn more.  

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