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Widespread adoption of virtual care technology like RPM by healthcare organizations has been ramping up since 2020 and is becoming healthcare’s new normal. “Despite this increasing prevalence of RPM, many physicians remain on the sidelines because of the misconceptions about reimbursements and how to get started”, according to Physicians Weekly 


According to Insider Intelligence, it is estimated that by 2024, 30 million US patients will be using RPM tools. With this new normal, it is time that you take the first steps to become a virtual care provider.  


VitalTech is here to tell you, it’s easier than you think! So, let’s explain it and help you get started! 


How Will It Benefit You? 


Virtual care solutions offer many benefits to both patients and providers. The availability and accessibility of care can be improved by practices that use VitalCare. They can also reduce patient flow in the office and prevent burnout and shortages. Virtual care allows physicians to proactively manage the conditions of patients with chronic diseases while increasing patient engagement with their own self-care routines and care teams. One of the biggest benefits physicians gain from virtual care is the generation of significant and consistent reimbursements. While these are some of the most important benefits, you can learn about many more benefits here. 

Reimbursement may seem complicated but here are some facts from Physician’s Weekly and how VitalTech can help you.  


Who will provide reimbursements?  


Physicians’ Weekly states, “most price insurance companies, and private payors will reimburse for various RPM services.” 


Remote patient monitoring is covered by Medicare and in many states Medicaid and many private insurance companies. In some states, such as Louisiana, it has been mandated that all private insurers operating in the state must cover some form of RPM. There was a surge in the number of commercial payers covering RPM due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the numbers are continuing to rise. At VitalTech, we will work with you to explore and discuss the RPM services and reimbursements you can receive at your practice. 


What qualifies you for reimbursements?  


“Physicians do not have to provide services for all the RPM codes to get paid.” – Physicians Weekly 


The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has created unique CPT codes for RPM that allow physicians to charge for each discrete RPM action. There are separate codes for service initiation, data transmission, data analysis and interpretation, and treatment management services. Here is a breakdown of the codes with average reimbursements: 

The reimbursements offered by CMS can build rapidly, giving physicians great profit. When using VitalTech, if a practice billed just once a month for ­­­­­­synching (CPT 99454) and analyzing (CPT 99091) data for 1,000 patients, the monthly reimbursements would be $112,000.


How to get started?


“Implementing and operating RPM programs can be easy.” -Physicians Weekly


Having a successful RPM program starts with choosing the right partner. The AMA has released a 12-step RPM Playbook that recommends selecting a platform that can capture “the data elements of most importance to your clinicians and patients” and has the ability “to integrate with your current IT landscape.”


At VitalTech we are committed to breaking down each client’s needs to get a deep understanding of their goals in order to provide the best possible set of solutions that fit within existing workflows, lowering caregiver burdens and providing them with the tools to concentrate on patient care as opposed to administrative work and data mining.


Choose VitalTech as Your Partner


So, why hesitate? Implementing remote patient monitoring is easier than you think. Technology is advancing and Americans are adapting, so there is no time to wait. There are so many benefits to virtual care, and we want you and your patients to experience all the benefits VitalTech has to offer. Contact us today to get started!

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