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Top 3 Challenges of Virtual Care and How to Overcome Them  

Virtual care has been in high demand since the COVID-19 pandemic. With this rapid increase and implementation of digital healthcare, a few challenges and barriers have been seen and need to be overcome in order to provide the best solutions possible and continue its widespread adoption. Some of the complications that have been seen since are: 



Reimbursement has been one of the biggest challenges of virtual care. Before the COVID-19 pandemic reimbursements to providers for virtual care visits were not common, which hindered the adoption of virtual care. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as private insurance companies have been expanding rules and regulations related to reimbursements during the pandemic.  


Increased demand for virtual care solutions coupled with the known benefits are showcasing signs that reimbursements will continue to expand, helping to ensure patients with various needs will receive the care their condition demands.  


At VitalTech we have reimbursement experts available to assist clients in navigating the process of obtaining reimbursements for RPM, RTM and other virtual care services.  


Patient Engagement and Adoption 

Virtual healthcare gives patients more control over their health. With platforms like VitalCare, patients record their own vitals and input their own health data. This can be great for some patients, but it also presents a challenge for those that are not as willing or fearful to take control of their health.  


Through the VitalCare platform providers can keep their patients on track with their personalized care plan. Physicians can set up medication reminders and automated messages for patients to receive throughout the day. Thresholds are also set to alert the physician to reduce the risk of an event happening. VitalCare Family is an additional solution that empowers loved ones to keep patients engaged. Family members can send reminders to their loved ones and encourage them to take control of their health. 


Throughout the pandemic, many patients were forced to use telehealth which has significantly increase the adoption rates. Research from the AARP found that 44% of older adults have a more positive view technology as a way to connect than they did before COVID-19. In addition, 45% are using video chats more now. The use of wearable devices also increased from 17% to 27%. Lastly, 54% of those ages 50+ want to learn more about the use of technology. These finding show that the willingness of seniors to invest in technology will increase engagement and technology literacy.  


The concerns about patient engagement and adoption are fading as evidence shows that virtual care is successful and reliable form of quality care delivery. At VitalTech we will provide you with information and resources on how to increase patient engagement so that you can delivery the best possible care. 

Check out our 5 Tips to Increase Patient Engagement. 


Provider Burnout  

Since the pandemic started, we have seen a significant increase in employee burnout. The increased demand for virtual healthcare poses another stress for providers to add to their practice. Although this is seen as a challenge, VitalTech’s easy to use, full-stack solutions can help with the provider burnout that is more prevalent than ever before.  

Patients with chronic health issues need to see their doctors often and virtual visits can make this more convenient for both patient and provider. Providers are able to meet the needs of more patients during the day while decreasing the workload for them and their staff. Less burnout in the healthcare system leads to better quality care.  


VitalTech works with providers to overcome these challenges and produce the best outcomes for patients. Offering convenient, patient-centered quality care is our top priority. We will work for you and with you to ensure your patients are receiving the treatment they deserve, anytime and anywhere. 

Contact us to learn more about our solutions!  




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