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VitalTech Announces Agreement with iHealthHome Transforming the delivery of senior services at home



(Plano, TX) September 23, 2021 – VitalTech, a rapidly growing market leader in Virtual Care Solutions, is pleased to announce a collaboration with iHealthHome, a leading provider of software for care management and home care providers, for its remote patient monitoring (RPM) and virtual care platform.



VitalTech is the industry’s first fully-integrated virtual care platform, providing remote patient monitoring (RPM) and digital care solutions that transform virtual health. Their virtual care platform, VitalCare, enables care providers to streamline workflows directly to their patient’s electronic health record (EHR) while improving health-related outcomes, thereby increasing patient safety and lowering the cost of care.


iHealthHome has partnered with VitalCare to embed virtual visit tools right at the fingertips of care managers in their iHealthHome dashboard and making it easy for seniors to interact virtually with their care managers. Tools such as: launching a video appointment from inside iHealthHome, sending a short survey or message, viewing and/or editing a client’s records while on the video call to save time or monitoring a patient’s at home biometric readings to help manage chronic conditions.


“VitalTech is thrilled to add iHealthHome to our growing list of partners while expanding care to their senior clients at home”, says Ernie Ianace, EVP of Sales and Marketing at VitalTech. “We look forward to increasing access to care and enhancing patient care with our combined solutions.”


iHealthHome’s client-centric design makes it easy to flow from a comprehensive plan of care to the scheduling of specific tasks to be completed by home caregivers. VitalCare’s real-time data overview makes it easier to track whether planned interventions are resulting in the desired outcomes. Whether managing a few privately hired caregivers of clients or run a full-fledged agency, iHealthHome’s fully-integrated system makes home health easy through caregiver scheduling, task scheduling, and completion monitoring, mobile clock in and out, GPS tracking and electronic visit verification, caregiver mobile documentation, and caregiver messaging and communication.


“We are excited to embed the VitalCare suite of tools directly within the iHealthHome platform. Our customers can now integrate telehealth and engagement tools seamlessly into their workflow to help their senior clients age well at home,” says Dew-Anne Langcaon, CEO of iHealthHome. “In collaboration with our partner MyCare Alliance, this newly integrated solution makes it easy for care managers to use a single system to leverage technologies to help seniors affordably stay healthy at home.”


About iHealthHome:

iHealthHome is a leading provider of care management and home care cloud-based software for senior care providers. iHealthHome was co-founded with the mission of leveraging technology and automation to help seniors age at home affordably. The platform is a suite of software tools including an electronic record, secure mobile collaboration apps, and in-home telehealth technologies for the coordination of the virtual village of people needed to keep a senior safe and healthy at home. Learn more at 


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About VitalTech 

VitalTech develops technologies, platforms, and hardware that empower patients to better care for their health and wellness while enabling clinicians and health systems to remotely monitor, manage and care for patients. Our proprietary platform enables health systems, skilled nursing facilities, home health providers, physicians, and senior living facilities to streamline workflows while improving health outcomes, increasing patient safety, and lowering the cost of care. Our suite of easy-to-use devices and software increases patient engagement and compliance. For more information or a free consultation please visit


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