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Keeping Active Past Men’s Health Month

Men who lead healthy lifestyles understand they are protecting what is most vital to them, like their heart. According to the Office of Minority Health, heart disease is a leading cause of death for men. Just as the phrase ‘heart disease’ can describe many conditions, there are just as many methods to protect against it. For now, we will address building healthy habits.

It is common to be advised to spend thirty minutes per day exercising, but how do you maintain the daily habit? Start by setting a pace. Consider age, intensity, and past experience. Routines are about getting better, not being perfect. You should also listen to your body. We will see Summer be in full swing during July. If it is too hot outside, continue your exercise indoors. Tone down the intensity, and always hydrate. Lastly, ask questions when in doubt. Physical activity can be catered to your needs by health care professionals or physical activity specialists.

Setting a pace, being a good listener, and knowing how to ask for help can also apply to other aspects of our health. Maintaining good, nutritious diet. Be proactive by getting regular check-ups. Monitoring your blood pressure can help reduce the possibility of heart disease impacting you.

VitalCare is here to help take a proactive approach to health care with features that track vitals, macro nutrients, medications, and much more!

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