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A Toast [of Water] to National Hydration Day

Three days into Summer, it is National Hydration Day!

Deciding how much water to drink per day can be a “left/right brain” type of question. Your answer is either a specific quantity or until your body tells you. These answers get you closer to staying hydrated, or replacing fluids in our body as the day progresses.

Hydration is tricky business. Variables affecting how much water we must intake include age, climate, activity level, and illness. Vital Tech is expecting an 86.5 °F average in Plano, TX, so expect us to work under the shade all day!

On the other hand, dehydration affects how your body behaves with fluids.Your body alerts you if there is cause for concern, like how VitalCare alerts physicians and care teams.When we lose fluids faster than we can recover, dehydration can muddle up how fluids are processed and disposed from our bodies.

Aside from fluids like water, fruits are also great option for rehydrating. On your shopping list, do not forget to add watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce and cucumber. Also add skim milk: not a fruit but always in stock. This list composes a wide taste palate, so you should have plenty to play around with in your fridge for the Summer!

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