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Video: Life-Changing Technology Saves Patient’s Life

The team at VitalTech is immensely grateful to share this life-saving account of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) through Ethel’s story, shared with us by South Carolina House Calls (SCHC).

By measuring and recording Ethel’s important vital signs throughout the day, her daughter’s grave concerns over her mother’s health were validated. One day, a significant change in Ethel’s heart rate, plus her manifesting symptoms, revealed Ethel was experiencing a serious acute event. Alerts from SCHC supported Kesha’s decision to call 911. Rapid transport to the hospital helped identify Ethel’s heart attack early and began her road to recovery.

Once Ethel returned home, her daughter could maintain peace of mind while away at work, knowing RPM could respond to any changes in her vital signs, and SCHC would alert her regarding any changes in her mother’s status.

This is an excellent and powerful account about how RPM can make a positive difference in people’s lives. We’re proud and humbled to be part of it; this is why we come to work each day and infuse passion into all our technological advancements. We kindly thank South Carolina House Calls (SCHC) for providing VitalCare RPM kits to patients like Ethel.

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