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Business Insider and AT&T Promote the VitalCare Platform

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Business Insider spoke with AT&T’s SVP of Advanced Solutions, Chris Penrose, about how the pandemic is impacting demand for IoT connectivity in healthcare and the industry outlook post-pandemic. VitalTech is partnering with AT&T Business to bring 60 days of free telehealth services to physicians and hospitals across the country.



Telehealth and remote patient monitoring is helping care providers get access to real-time data and actionable insights for their patients. As discussed in the article, many anticipate an increased demand for IoT connectivity following the current COVID-19 pandemic, as the healthcare industry will continue needing real-time information from remote patients. Due to the rampant and significant shifts in health communication and patient care during the pandemic, the industry is currently in a paradigm shift regarding to how information can be gathered and shared across the continuum.


Not only can technology empower patient health, but it can also empower healthcare providers’ confidence in the data and insight technology can collect, and how these new information streams can help infer diagnoses and care triage. Read the full article here to learn more.



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